About Strata Granite & Marble

Strata Granite & Marble is a family owned and operated natural stone countertop fabrication and installation business that was founded on Christian values.

We are a family business, and when you purchase counter-tops or other natural stone products from us, you become part of our family too. 

By embedding Christian values into our foundation, Strata takes pride in providing the best customer service to every customer. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

In addition, We maintain a reputation for excellent workmanship. Precise seam placement and  execution are the hallmark of our experienced natural stone professionals. 

We are not business people that happen to sell stone; We are simply stone craftsmen who happen to have a business. 

From counter-top installation to cutting natural stone for vanities, fireplace hearths, furniture tops, tub decks, and grill surrounds, We promise to walk you through the natural stone fabrication and installation process every step of the way.